Wiggle Waggle

I have been stung by bees twice in my life. Most recently, last summer and it was painful. I cursed the bee that got me and felt a little satisfaction that the bee would soon be dead because it's stinger was left in my calf.
So, I wasn't sure I wanted to learn more about these little buggers but I like "Stuff You Should Know" so I knew I would entertained. I had no idea I would actually wind up thinking "oh, that's cute" or "hmmm, that's sad" while learning about bees.
Did you listen this week? If so, you probably know what I thought was so cute...bees dancing. Did you know bees dance? They do, and it's called the "waggle dance." Is that not the cutest name for an informative dance you've ever heard?

The Waggle Dance:

I don't think any of them are going to win on So You Think You Can Dance anytime soon but they sure know how to shake their money makers. I also love how attentive all the other bees are, I wonder if they ever get stage fright with that many pairs of eyes on them.

The thing I thought was sad? Solitary bees lay their little bee eggs and then just go off and die. The little bee mamas never meet the babies and the babies never have mamas. I got a little sad, but then I realized that they probably don't even have the part of the brain necessary to feel those emotions so they don't even feel sad...so why should I feel sad? I got over it. Mostly.

The other thing this episode made me want to do was go out and buy more honey. Yes, even after listening to the facts that really honey is just bee vomit. Which, is gross but delicious. I'm gonna go have some honey right now, in my coffee, and then I'm going to head on over to see what Just Me Actually had to say about bees this week. It's probably something wonderful.

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Rachael said...

you have got to stop copying me...of course we both youtubed the waggle dance:)

i think bees do have feelings and they are very sad right now about all the work they do only to have you steal their bee vomit for your coffee.

i feel so much smarter this week!