If you're happy and you know it...

I've been thinking about something lately, I don't have it all worked out yet but I'm hoping that typing words will help me sort it all out.

I take joy in a lot of things. I notice the warmth and weight of my blankets in the morning as I wake up, I relish in the moments that my girl kitty cuddles up next to me, I smile as my hips pop when I stretch...and this is all before I even get out of bed. I then go on to thoroughly, but momentarily, hate the cold tile floor under my feet as I make coffee. But then I go back to enjoying things...like actually drinking my coffee, checking my emails, catching up on shows from the night before. I am completely entertained listening to podcasts, creating fake music videos in my head, giving myself fancy make-up for no reason, reading....
Needless to say I consider myself someone who is easily entertained, a girl who loves to laugh and just enjoy whatever is happening.
I recently met and spent some time around someone who made me question myself. This person was EXCITED about everything. And, I do mean everything. Was I excited to be watching a movie I'd seen tens of times? Not necessarily. Was I happy to be watching it? Yes. Did I enjoy the movie? Absolutely. But excited? No. How about eating a burrito, was I excited to be eating it? Nope. Was I glad I had food to eat that tasted good? Yup, but still not excited. What I've come to is this: if everything is exciting then, in essence, nothing is exciting. So, while I can find entertainment, joy, happiness, and sometimes sadness in the little things - I am convinced that saving my excitement for the bigger things is the way to go.
I am in touch with my feelings, I feel the appropriate things at the appropriate times for the appropriate things. However, I think some people might be well served in checking this chart:
Did eating that burrito make you feel aroused, perky, or antsy? Hmmm...probably not, or at least I hope not. did it perhaps instead make you feel satisfied or contented? Then maybe you should just stick to the word "happy." 
Is there some reason that being "happy" isn't good enough? If I make it to the end of the day and I can say it was a good one, that it was fulfilling, satisfying and happy then I think that is a successful day. Even if I've had a mostly sad day but I can realize that doesn't mean my next day has to be the same, I count that day as a success. I do not need every day, or every moment of the day to be exciting and I think that is as it should be.

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