Life on Shuffle

Random picture of a sunny, winter day.
When I leave my house, before I'm even to the end of my driveway I have my earbuds in. Mostly, as I walk I listen to podcasts, sometimes I'm doing choreography so I'm listening to one song on repeat and trying to visualize a dance in my head, other times I'm obsessed with a certain artist or song so I listen to it on repeat and sing if no one else is around, I hardly ever just put my music on "shuffle" and let it be because I feel like my i-tunes has a really hard time getting my mood right so I wind up hitting "next" over and over until I find the right song. However, yesterday I was feeling adventurous as I headed out to the High School to prep for today's competition so, I decided I was going to put it on "shuffle" and not do any skipping, I was going to listen to whatever came on. And it was like magic...so magical in fact that I felt the need to take note of the playlist and share with my friends on the internets. I'm posting the songs with links in case you want to take your ears on the same musical journey mine went one.

The Cure - Tegan and Sara
Breakthru - Natasha Bedingfield
Kiss with a fist - Florence and the Machine
I'm not your hero - Tegan and Sara
Elements - A Fine Frenzy
Watering hole - Missy Higgins
Arrow - Tegan and Sara
Primadonna - Marina and the Diamonds
I run empty - Tegan and Sara
Dancehall queen - Robyn

As you can see Tegan and Sara was on heavy rotation, those songs were exactly what I needed yesterday. Somehow my shuffle knew, I might play that game with myself more often and see if it can do it again.

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