I can't handle it

Do you know what I love doing at the end of the day? Watching TV. Do you know what I hate while trying to enjoy my television? Previews of scary, demon movies.

They should not be allowed. I mean, seriously, they are terrifying and if I don't turn my head fast enough I'm haunted by the images. There's no way for me to turn down the volume fast enough, and even if I wanted to I'd have to turn my head back towards the TV to grab the remote.

I might have to start doing what my parents used to (and STILL) do and mute, or turn off, the TV during commercials. They mute/turn off the TV to avoid seeing things like: Victoria Secret ads, or other such scantly clad humans...I don't care so much about that, in fact I quite enjoy ads like that - they are great motivation for my personal fitness goals.

Still, I wish there was some way for me to set a PG rating censorship on my commercials.
I have a hard enough time having dreams that aren't nightmares, I don't need images and sounds supplied to me on a regular basis.


Rachael said...

I hate them too! Imagine listening to a soft Pandora station late at night when a scary ad comes on! The Victoria Secret models should be watching you.

LP said...

I feel the same way!!! I feel like I'm five every time because I either cover my eyes or look away and if I can get to the mute button fast enough without seeing anything I also use that. I've been known to leave the room if its bad enough and I'm not in control of the remote...

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