I bet you wish you had been around to see this..

Today was a strange day. I don't set my alarm clock very often, especially not on a Monday...but today was a holiday/no school day so, we had earlier practice and then I had the afternoon off. I still needed to teach my regular class at the studio tonight so as I was walking to the bus stop I went over the choreography in my head. I thought I might need a few extra phrases of choreography so I started thinking about what I already had, and what made sense coming next. I was going over it again, and again, when suddenly I realized my review had stopped being only in my head. I was doing full on arms while walking down the street. And it was contemporary so it was all slow and heartfelt. Plus, I was on a busy street so there's that added bonus piece of the puzzle.
I wish I could say this was the first time, and I wish I could convince myself it would be the last. But, those would be lies, and I do my best not to be a liar.

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Rachael said...

I love it! Don't ever feel bad about dancing in public unless you your clothes fall off. Next time put out a hat for tips! Great entertainment shouldn't be free.