Sometimes I want to write but without an assignment or some parameters the possible options just taunt me and my indecision. I usually stare at a blank screen for a while and then admit defeat after typing a sentence or two. But I like writing, I like trying new things, so I've decided to give myself some assignments. I have a few books that have writing prompts in them, every once in a while I'm going to pick one and write it out on here. Like a little workshop for myself that hopefully anyone reading this can do along with me. Writing with friends is fun!

First assignment: Begin a poem with the words "I don't know..."

I don't know so many things
there's no good place to start,
the things I do not know could fill a book
(or two)
and still be volumes short.
Maybe you could help me?
Are there things that you might know?
Like how to heal a broken heart,
or to run and keep on running.
I think that I should tell you
before you get the wrong idea
I don't care to learn just anything
so please don't try to tell me 
how to fish or ride the waves
it would all be wasted breath.
I don't know so many things
and I wish I knew one less,


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