Doing it Wrong

I've mentioned before my interest/obsession with Pinterest, but lately I haven't been going there as much due to my frustration with people doing it wrong. In case you don't know what this site is supposed to be about here's a quick rundown...let's say you're browsing around on the internet and you see something you really like, wanting to remember it for later you "pin" it to a board on pinterest. You can also browse around on pinterest and see things that other people pinned thus expanding your own inspiration. Now, here is what people have started doing that is pissing me off...uploading pictures of themselves and their family/pets/clothes. If you already own the pictures on your computer why do you need to post them to pinterest in order to remember them for later? Fact is, you don't. I'm not sure why people have started doing this, it's almost like they got Facebook and Pinterest mixed up, all I know is that it's super annoying and I wish people would stop it already!

Oh also, I got bit by a dog yesterday. I was walking to my parents house for dinner, listening to a podcast (at a reasonable volume), minding my own business when suddenly out of nowhere I felt a sharp pain on my ankle. I look down and there's a little dog not barking or anything, he looked at me after biting me for no reason and then just ran off. I should say that I checked out my ankle to make sure everything was okay before walking on...the bite hadn't gone through my jeans or broken my skin so I kept going. But it left me feeling like also that dog did it wrong...isn't there supposed to be some sort of warning bark, a "hey, I'm pissed that you're walking this close to my property move it on out in a hurry" or something? But nope, nothing before or after just a weird feeling that I couldn't believe that had actually just happened.

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that dog reminds me of some people i know...