Wah wah

So, I went on some dates. And I thought they were really great, I mean honestly how could they not be? I am awesome. I tell myself I'm awesome every day and I truly believe I'm not just making this shit up. You can tell me if I'm wrong but....
-I'm cute, and sometimes even pretty or sexy
-I'm funny, I've had more than one person confirm they think I'm funny so I feel justified in this point
-I can walk in heels, and if you don't think that's a talent...well...you're wrong
-I'm smart, for instance 2+2=4 (and I didn't have to use my phone calculator for that)
-I dance.

Need I go on? I think the examples given adequately show that I am indeed a catch, and although I maybe shouldn't call myself a catch I feel justified. So how come out of the three guys I went on dates with two of them disappeared off the face of the earth? The third? Well the third went off the deep end. And without going into too much detail here is what happened:
He started texting about: kissing, valentines, babies, marriage...before we'd even held hands and I didn't know how to reign that kind of crazy in so it had to end. It had to end.
I'm still waiting cupid.... you have horrific aim.

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