Sign on the dotted line

I was listening to a podcast today from Stuff Mom Never Told You about matchmaking; the final section of it was about matchmaking in terms of arranged marriages. There was a statistic on there about how arranged marriages actually have a higher success rate than those made out of love (I could go find the actual stats on the internet somewhere but I don't feel like it right now) and it got me thinking...is there a way that I could set this situation up for myself somehow? I mean, I'd want to put some regulations on it for sure...like who could even do the arranging in the first place. Here are the people I would trust with my future in love:

Evie (or her super husband Joe)

It's not a very long list so if you're on it you should feel honored...or worried that I would honestly trust you more with my love life than my own self. So if any of you want to just arrange my future life for me I would be okay with that...draw up a contract and I'll be there. And, just so you know, I would not be disappointed to show up and find this guy waiting for me:

But, you know, no pressure.

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