Like a hug straight to my heart

Last night I started back with my regular schedule at the studio. It was nice to see all those dancers at night, in small groups. I, of course, did all the choreography for my classes yesterday, sometimes my procrastination stresses me out but other times (like yesterday) it feels amazing. I got to my first class filled with students new to me as of this summer...they crowded around me and asked "can we do that one dance we learned...the one that starts like....dance moves here..." " wait, can we do the one from the first week?!?" "oh! I was just listening to that song in the car..I've been practicing that dance!" I have to say that I loved everything about that interaction. I love that they were excited to be there to dance and I was loved, even more, that they wanted to repeat dances I'd previously taught them. I take that as proof that I am doing my job. The trick is to keep teaching them dances that they love just as much. 
It has taken me a looooong time to feel confident in my ability as a choreographer and there are still situations that make me nervous. But for the most part I know that if I create something I want to do, a dance I have fun doing, then chances are it will be a success. I have even gotten to the point where I can say "this dance is awesome."

What does this have to do with anything? Nothing really but I like it
and I am listening to music....

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Shannon said...

I am in love with dance right now too <3