Chocolate Milk and naps, solving problems since...well, probably forever

This morning started off right, with a cup of coffee and last night's Glee. I knew it wasn't going to last forever because today was moving day for my grandma and I'd agreed to help at 9 but even so I was determined to start my day off on the right foot. Just after I'd poured my second cup of coffee and right in the middle of getting ready (during the commercial breaks) there was a knock on my door. Apparently when my parents asked if I wanted a ride at 9 out to my grandma's house what they meant was that we need to be there at 9. My second (and much needed) cup of coffee went in the fridge, I hurried to brush my teeth, put contacts in and rushed out the door. I was feeling...tired, resentful, and irritated.
In a word, I was GROUCHY. Oh so very grouchy. A grouchy Jill about to hang out with her family all day doing a task no one in the world gets excited about. It did not bode well for anyone, luckily I am not 15 anymore so no one got their head bit off and all eye rolls were done when backs were turned or no one was looking.
I knew that I needed to help and now that I've been home for a while (and had a nap) I can say that I'm glad I helped. But at the time, knowing that I was doing the right thing was not helpful what-so-ever. Should we stack things in a single layer in the back of the van so we have to make extra trips? No. Are you kidding? Should we stand around and talk about decorating ideas when there are still more things to move? Absolutely not. Now you really have to be kidding me. Is this the right time to talk about my love life in complete detail? Oh please, no. Should we stop for lunch and chocolate milk at Mom and Dad's? Definitely.
I can't remember the last time I had chocolate milk, but today it was exactly what I needed. That, and the two bowls of chicken cacciatore I ate. Did the combination magically put me in a good mood? Well, no. But once I worked through the desire to fall over into food induced slumber I was able to push through the last couple hours. And, I even took the time to unpack a couple extra boxes and hang pictures on my grandma's new fridge.
Back at my house, after just over seven hours of moving, I changed into my pajamas and cuddled into the couch to finish watching Glee. I barely made it through the end of the episode before falling asleep. I love naps and I woke up feeling like a new person. A new person who does not have to move anyone tomorrow.

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