A story with a lot of pictures

 I got a call this afternoon from Kyle to see if I could do them the favor of watching Chloe at my house for a little while so they could go on a golfing date. (They had a babysitter for the other two girls.) I said that of course I would love to watch her, so a little after 4 they brought over this cute little lady:
She is blurry because that girl does not stop moving.
This is how she poses before getting her diaper changed.
I wasn't quite sure how Elliot would react to a baby in the house, since he's usually not a big fan of small humans. I think it's because they are louder and faster than I am and he's just used to having me and only me around. He's apparently spoiled and not very social. But he did just fine, they sniffed her car seat for a while, sniffed her head and arm, and then Emma laid down by her and Elliot went and laid in the bathroom sink.
The inspection.
 Then Emma did this:
Not quite how you sit in there girl but really good effort.

 As much as I wanted to hold her on my lap all her squirming around let me know that she would much rather be on a blanket on the floor. Being able to roll over is a lot of fun and as you'll be able to see from the following pictures made her quite happy.
Baby smiles.

Action shot. Waving her little tab blanket around is good entertainment.
Emma checking out the tiny person. I don't have a picture of it
but this made Chloe laugh.

She loved being on her tummy, and luckily the blanket was clean
cause she also loved putting it in her mouth.

 At this point I decided I wanted a picture of me with her since she was being so happy and smiley I figured I could get a good aunt/niece pic to prove that I am a fantastic babysitter and aunt. However I had Harry Potter playing on my tv (not a rare occurrence at my house) and Chloe was much more interested in watching that than playing photo-shoot with me.
Youngest H.P. fan, probably.
Also something I got to do was give her some food. I'm not exactly sure what the flavor of the mush was, sweet potato maybe? I don't know, it was something orange and she loved it. She loved it so much I had a hard time getting it into her mouth, she kept dancing around all over the place and I had to be very quick with the spoon. She ate every bite I could scrape out of the container and when it was gone she was not amused.
What? The food's gone? Well, there go your chances of being named
best aunt.
 All the rolling over, playing, eating, and crying wore her out so I wrapped her up tight and bounced her around until she fell asleep. I then got to cuddle with her for about ten minutes until Kyle got to my house to pick her up again.
It was such a wonderful unexpected afternoon. I had her for only a couple of hours and I would have called and told Kyle not to come pick her up until she woke up again if I hadn't had plans I couldn't get out of. My plans? I needed to go to Sausage Fest (yes it's a real thing) with the dance team. I was the one on the mic tonight announcing them. I did a good job for the most part and then at other parts I said things like this:
Up next we have another Pom routine. I like Poms, they're sparkly. 

All right, who out there has swagger? (no response from crowd) Really? No One has swagger? (Then some people finally speak up and say they do) Okay then, I want to see you guys dancing along and for all the rest of you, you can watch these girls and learn about it.

Okay, I think two examples are embarrassing enough. I had the mic for a half hour though so basically everyone watching got to hear me say a lot of things that they could probably use against me in the future. I wish I would have gotten some pictures of the dance team, they looked so pretty and even though I only got to watch them from the back they did an awesome job.

Today was another successful, happy day.

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