Endless Love

I had one of my favorite kinds of days today. I woke up at the right time for me, rode my bike to Fred Meyer (because only bad part: I was out of coffee and creamer), made coffee then sat on my couch watching last night's Colbert Report while drinking said coffee, took my current book out into the backyard and sat in the glorious sunshine while listening to music. Then, after getting my fill of vitamin D I came inside, showered, got ready and then went and taught dance.
Can a day get better than that? I'm sure many of you are thinking..."uhm, yes" but for me, this day was perfect. And to top it all off, like having a brownie on top of another brownie, my kitties were especially hilarious and crazy today.

Clearly, no one is happy about having this photo taken.
Now, this may be too much information for you but that picture up there is one I had to take as proof of girl kitty's obsession with jumping on my lap every. single. time. I go to the bathroom. EVERY TIME. And then she meows as if I am ruining her life in some way. I'm glad that she loves me so much she feels the need to follow me wherever I go, I just wish her love found a limit at the toilet seat.

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