Stay Tuned

Last Sunday I started match.com, for real not just a tester profile. I took over my sister Rachel's. She realized it wasn't for her but had already paid for it, so we changed all the information and because I'd had a couple of glasses of champagne by the time we finished I started "winking" at boys left and right. Then I started getting and responding to messages. And then, then you guys, I started texting. Then do you know what happened? Well do you? I made plans to meet boys. And woooeeee it was fun. Until today. Today I realized these things are actually going to happen. I am going to go meet a new boy/man/guy (whatever you want to call 'em). After 3 years of really not looking I am going to go out with someone new. I am having a lot of anxiety. A lot of it. My heart is racing and I feel like I may puke. How is this going to get any better the closer and closer I get? The answer is, it's not. I'm going to go out on a date and I'm going to be a HOT MESS, on the inside anyways. (I intend to get my outsides looking hot without the mess part added on top.) I'm afraid for the things that might come spilling out of my mouth when I'm all twisted up like this. On the bright side it should make for some good stories.


rachael said...

i, for one, cannot WAIT for the stories. i'm sorry you're nervous but it's going to be fine i promise!! all the things you think are messy are what make you awesome.

Gina Dickman said...

good luck!!