Anticipated Buyers Remorse

Lately I've tried buying things online, things like shoes, shirts, tights, earrings. From inexpensive places like Forever21 or gojane so the cost of what I want to own is never very high.
I've never ordered items for my body off of the internet before. I've bought books, kitchen supplies and tickets many times over but never something I would put on my actual body and need it to have a fit I like. Books always fit, I mean I may have a difficult time finding a spot for them on my bookshelf when I'm finished reading but I always manage.
The problem with ordering clothes or shoes is that I know that if I get them in the mail and something doesn't fit I will never return it. The item will sit all sad and dejected in the corner of my closet for the rest of forever because I also don't get rid of things. I can't get rid of things because what if someday I need exactly what I'm getting rid of and I think "dang, I wish I still had _________, I was a fool to get rid of it." I do not like being a fool, hence the keeping of all the things.
One time I forced my sister Rachel to play the Toss It game (taught to me by Rachael who is an expert tosser) with me and the look she gave me when I held up some of the things I'd been holding on to was enough to shame me into getting rid of bags and bags full of forgotten treasures.
Anyway, my point being I know if I order something and it comes into my house it's going to be here indefinitely so it'd better be something really good. Yesterday I got all the way to the checkout page, had my debit card out and was just about ready to put in the information which would have enabled F21 to send me some very cute purple tights, some new earrings (new earrings make even old clothes seem new again), and a cute fancy blouse (I need more of those, I have like 2)but I chickened out and shut it down. Usually I'm very good at talking myself into things but for some reason I just can't get myself through the checkout process and until I can my fashion will be stuck right where it is...old and boring.

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