Usually I am against making new years resolutions because I feel like it's just asking to feel like a failure in only a matter of time. But this year I made one, just one. Along with the most amazing Rachael I am going to (attempt to) meditate three times a week. I say attempt because so far I've had a very difficult time staying in the moment, my mind is a wanderer and I don't realize what it's doing until I'm three or four thoughts deep and I have to pull myself back to the moment. But I'm going to stick with it because when I can achieve it for even a few minutes it helps me feel peaceful which I definitely need more of.

Something that is NOT a resolution, but I'm excited about, is the competition started with my sisters. We are competing to see who can loose the most weight by our brother Ken's wedding at the end of May. The winner will also be the proud owner of a new swim-suit bought by the other sisters (none of whom will be "losers" since we will all have lost weight). I started this journey at an even 140.0 pounds and really would love to finish it in the 120's even if it's 129.9.

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rachael said...

yay thats me! the amazing rachael! i'm so happy to be your meditation buddy. i think you look perfect the way you are so be careful with those weight loss competitions...