Week Wrap Up

Dear Diary,
I've had my Birthday sorry I didn't write on that day me and 2 friends went over to my grandparents house and played games until 9:30. My b-day was on Thurs, 18. Today April 21, 1991 I celebrated it. I got a Wilson Philips tape, a watch, Malibu Musk purfume, a game, a dress, 2 hair bows, a braclet, a turtle neck (hot) (sweat), a waver or crimper. I had so much fun now I'm 12!
Today i s Sun. It was my first day in Young Womens I had a lot of fun! Only I didn't talk much. I'm second consler in the Beehive class. My sister (Kareen) is president Monica Davison is First Consler and Rachel Bowlware is Secratary. I'm so glad I go to Young Women now I'll have so much fun.
Well write more soon.

Twelve years old with her own Wilson Philips tape and a crimper - this was a happy girl, I can tell you that. Now let's see what I've been up to in pictures:

My mom brought me over Thanksgiving leftovers. I don't think she knows how much I appreciated it, I tried to tell her but there's no way she knows the joy it brought to my heart. I heated them up right on the stove and even shared some turkey, stuffing, and sweet potatoes with my kitties who gobbled it all right up and loved it just as much as I did I think. 

I know I already put a picture of Elliot sleeping under the tree but I couldn't help it...he's just so cute. And this one shows proof that there is at least a couple decorations left on my tree. Every day I find some scattered over the floor, I pick them back up and put them back...it's a never ending chore.

It was very sunny here this week. I spent Tuesday - Saturday inside a high school auditorium with Forte doing rehearsals and then shows! But I have to admit even though it was not warm the sun was a welcomed break to the rain we'd been having...rain and 30-40 degrees? I think that's the worst weather. Probably because I walk around in it, I'd rather walk around in snow. Or sun. I'll take the sun.

As all the kids were getting ready for their final show Saturday night I got asked if I wanted sparkly liquid eyeliner...uhm...OF COURSE! Of course I wanted sparkly eyeliner. One of the girls, the Amazing Ellie, had brought it and applied it to my eyes. I felt so fancy and I think I need some for myself. Except I'm a little worried I would wear it ALL the time. Would that be bad?

After the show on Saturday night I got called up on stage to accept flowers from the group. I was not expecting it AT ALL and I was so touched. I cried right there on the stage. I have loved so much being a part of this group and I'm so glad that they want to keep me around for their next season.

This is Katelyn, she likes to jump off of things, but she doesn't really jump. She more just steps off of furniture and lands on her face. Luckily there are pillows underneath the table. She is fearless and also her adorable belly calls for the unbuttoning of her pants quite regularly. I can not get enough of her.

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