(also, as always, free on i-Tunes)

I like listening to Risk!, this week's pod club pick is an older episode but it's still totally free and probably still fun to listen to. Every week it's fun knowing that my ears are hearing the same thing as some of my friends. If you haven't joined in before now's as good a time as any.

And now for a little (weird) tooting of my own horn: Today started the fifth week of my cleaning experiment. It's been working beautifully. Since I've been timing all my cleaning I've had to realize that some of the tasks I would put off only take a couple minutes at the most but make a huge difference. It's still only me and the kitties who are here to enjoy the cleanliness but it's nice to know that if someone were to just stop by I wouldn't have anything to be embarrassed about. 

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Rachael said...

tooting is just fine, especially when you live alone;)

my ears love knowing that your ears are in on the same fun every week too!