Things that make you go...

I am not very good at making decisions. Especially when I have more than two or three options. If someone says to me..."what do you want to do?" I have no idea where to start with that. When the possibilities are endless I have no idea where to begin; I mean, what DON'T I want to do? I work much better if someone gives me choices like..."what do you want to do? Go to the zoo, or go see a movie?" I can think those options through weigh them out and come up with a decision in a timely manner.
So, today when given the task of picking a place to have lunch I turned to my "decision maker helper" - citysearch. I went to the category "lunch spot" and a lot of good options came up but....so did 7-11. Seriously citysearch? Isn't 7-11 for like gum, soda, or maybe lunch if you happen to be walking by one at the exact time you realize you are starving and will die if you don't get something to eat in the next 45seconds?
I think someone would question my sanity if I got back to them after being asked "Where do you want to go to lunch" with "Well, I was thinking 7-11 sounded good, want to meet there?" Even I know that's a bad decision.

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Ms. Kyla said...

I love this story! Next time we have lunch, I won't even have to ask.