Awe Crap She did it again

I am having a very hard time this morning reconciling the fact that one of my very favorite things (Glee) is going to be featuring one of my least favorite things (Britney Spears). I've never been a Britney fan in fact I'll admit, I really can't stand her. When I was dancing for the Lumberjax we learned a routine to "Womanizer" and I just couldn't get behind dancing to one of her songs, so I didn't. Anytime that routine was performed I sat it out, trying to just focus on the cute girls dancing and not the bad synthesized voice blaring out the speakers.

I've successfully avoided her for the most part until now. I know it's still a week away but I'm already feeling very conflicted. On the one hand, I REALLY don't want to watch Britney; on the other hand I'm positive the Glee kids will sing her songs better than she ever did. On the one hand, Britney makes my skin crawl; on the other hand I'm sure Sue will have some priceless one liners that I don't want to miss. The list of pros and cons is longer than that, but I think you get the idea; I take Glee way too seriously, I just can't help it.

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gina bolina said...

well..did you end up watching it?!?!