A day in the life

I procrastinate. Did you know that about me already? I'm sure you did, it's really no surprise. I have every intention at the start of anything to be all over it, not wait until the last minute, be super organized and prepared. I don't know what goes wrong, it's almost as if thinking about it doesn't matter at all.
Let's take, for example, today. I have been telling myself ALL summer that I need to be reviewing French. Did I? Absolutely not. I am going to be starting my second year of French in one week and I would like to start it feeling like I took the first year of French and actually learned something from it. I now am going to have to somehow review an entire years worth of learning into one week! I've split the book into sections and have given myself a certain number of chapters to review each day so I can be done by the weekend. And yet, what am I doing? Writing on the internet about how I need to be studying. Why? Because that seemed like a lot more fun. Fun always wins out for a procrastinator.

I justify my behavior by telling myself that I actually work best under pressure. But to be honest I don't really know if that is true or not because it's the only way I've ever done things. All my choreography gets done at the last minute, the papers I write usually aren't finished until minutes before class - allowing just enough time to print, laundry isn't done until I absolutely can't find anything clean (I will never run out of underwear I have about a trillion pairs), packing doesn't get finished until it's practically time for departure...I think you get the idea.

This seems to work for me though. People seem to like my choreography (unless everyone has gotten together and agreed to lie to me), my papers almost always come back with an A at the top, and as far as I know I've never been the "stinky girl in class."

Some people were meant to be organized, I am not one of those people. Often I wish I were but it's just so much easier to be who I am.

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