Just so you know, in case you were wondering...

When I'm having a bad day/hour/week, Tori is usually the only thing that can pull me out of it (and when it's not Tori it's Ani...but tonight, tonight it's Tori). I don't know exactly what it is, probably it's a combination of things: lyrics, music, and the fact that I can sing my heart out to every single one of her songs. The music holds me and rocks me back and forth, smoothing my hair, telling me everything will be okay...and belting out the lyrics only reinforces that feeling. (And if the music is loud enough I get to pretend that I'm good singer as well, which also helps me feel better.) I love that some of her lyrics make absolutely no sense in real life, so that way each time I can decide what I need for them to mean to me at that point. I love that some of her lyrics speak words for exact feelings I have felt but had no idea how to put those emotions into words. Remember that post about me being a crazy cat lady? Well, this here is just exhibit A...ya'll are lucky that I didn't post some video clips with accompanying lyrics.

On a TOTALLY unrelated note: Casey and I watched OPB last night. We watched a story about Giant Panda's and the effort that is being made at the San Diego Zoo to keep them from extinction. Goodness sakes people, those baby pandas are a-dor-able! Holy smokes. It's hard to remember that they're actually bears and could be dangerous. I mean, if I saw one in the wild I would want to cuddle it...and it would probably want to cuddle me too, to death. Anyhow, I felt very mature and oldish sitting there watching OPB, except for then I switched to Modern Family promptly at 9pm and felt much more myself.

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EvieG said...

OMG! Funny! When pandas attack.