Tangerine Dreams

One day older than yesterday
a little smarter, not much wiser.
The weight of tomorrow
causing me to tremble.

Remember the day
spent drinking tangerines
over the rainbow, under the moon.
Watching movies, holding tight
to euphemisms created
in the silver light.

Stalwartly dedicated
to moving forward,
keeping out
of the way
of the elephants
that would smash
through dreams
last year,
before I can remember.

I hadn't posted anything from my poetry class in a while. So, here is one I turned in a few weeks ago, I haven't gotten it back yet, so I have no notes on it...if you want to give me some I would love it.

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Shannon said...

The first sentence makes me happy. and "Stalwartly dedicated"? I have to look up that word. I guess that's the way I'll get smarter today.