It's easy to get down on yourself, for some reason it's hard to look in the mirror and focus on the good things instead of all the little things you wish you could change. It's hard to accept a compliment without giving some sort of response to negate the nice thing just said. Which is why I've created little things in my life to help remind myself that I am, in fact, awesome. Stephanie and I have spent many hours creating "awesome lists" (I believe EVERYONE should have one) and I did a very cheesy collage above my mirror with nice words so I have to look at it when I look in the mirror. It tells me that I'm "skinny, breathtaking, unforgettable, beautiful, tiny...etc" things I don't look in the mirror and tell myself ever! Anyhow, I am following Shannon's example today and creating a list of 5 things I love about my body, here they are in no particular order:
  • My feet - not only do they allow me to dance and wear fun shoes they also have really cute toes.
  • My butt - it's sort of on the biggish side, and I love it, in fact when it starts to look like it's getting smaller I get my butt back into the gym for squats
  • My eyes - I love the color they are, and the shape
  • My legs - those things are strong, and relatively short on cellulite, plus they look really great in skirts
  • My hands - they are kind of tiny and I like that about them, plus they are really good at giving massages
So, while there are times when I wish I could change things about myself, or lose a little bit of weight I actually really love how I look.


Shannon said...

yay for us and our healthy, beautiful bodies :)

Goldie Hammer Headlocks said...

I think you are definitely awesome and I know for a fact that I have commented on your calves/quads before, you awesome dancer person you...