Just a list of things...

  • I did my laundry, didn't have any fabric softener. Now I have some and I kinda wanna start all over so all my clothes are soft and cuddly
  • I love my new cupcake earrings, minus the one downside of the constant reminder that I want a cupcake
  • I love my birthday, and every year I get sad when it's over and try to hang on to remnants for as long as possible
  • I really love thunder and lightning, this afternoon there was like one lightning and one thunder and it made me want more
  • I have now been in a relationship for a whole year. One year, and it just keeps getting better. I never thought I would be in this place and I love it
  • I get to meet my newest niece this weekend, I have looked at the pictures of her a million times I can't wait to hold her, kiss her pretty little face and smell her sweet baby breath
  • I love my adolescent psychology class, I look forward to Thursday night all week, and not just so that I can watch 30 Rock and the Office anymore

as a final thought, here is a picture of me adoring a cupcake. Don't mind my crazy hair, I showered and then took a nap while it dried, but I think the cupcake more than makes up for it.

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