Intro 101

Intro to what? I'm not sure yet...but it's bound to only deserve a 101 class level.

Last quarter I did a ton of reading, some of it I really loved, some of it I suffered through, and some of it I quit halfway through and just took really good notes in class. This quarter I am going to be doing a ton of writing, and since it's impossible to quit halfway through writing something and still turn it in for a grade I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to do all of it. I've been playing with the idea of posting some of my writing from class on here for my friends to enjoy, or critique, or laugh at behind my back....you know, whatever, and today Shannon actually told me I should do it as well...I didn't even prompt her or pay her afterwards.

So, for better or worse I am going to be posting some of the things I've written for Poetry 213 and Writing 399-Writing and the 19th Century (I know, you can't wait for that stuff huh?)

First up...the first poem I turned in for poetry...the rules were this:
take one line from the poem the person to you left wrote
make that line into the first line of your poem
the poem should be 16 lines long
each line should have the same number of syllables

and now ladies and gentlemen......
the finished product:

Little they know I’m a dustbowl pearl
stuck here alone in this dustbowl world.
Watching from my shell the world pass by
dreaming of the day I jump and run.

From here I’ll race up the mountain side
tumble my hair long down my back,
flail my limbs, gathering up flowers.
Run wild through the trees calling my name.

Then, to slip into the cool river
wriggle my toes deep in the mud bank,
slither along the moss covered rocks.
Cool, clear water refreshing my body.

Someday I’ll run away from this place.
I’ll be everything they say I can’t,
I’ll be happy and free, I’ll dance and sing.
For now, I can live, stuck here alone.

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Shannon said...

sweet!. I came to check today to see if you did it. I can't wait to see what you write.

ps: your poem doesn't' rhyme :)