Worming around

Tonight after bringing in my veggies from the garden and rinsing them off I noticed a tiny little worm in my sink. It was wriggling around and being all wormy. I turned on my water and flushed it down the sink. I finished cooking up my veggies, scooped 'em all into my bowl and sat down to start eating...only one little problem- All I could think about was that worm and how it had been on at least one of the things I was getting ready to put in my mouth. And, even though I'd washed them all and then sauteed them all up I almost couldn't eat any of it. I dug around in my goodness and searched obsessively for another worm in my food. There wasn't one and my dinner did eventually get eaten but I learned a very important lesson: worms also like the dirt and so rinsing off my veggies before eating them is not only a good idea it's positively necessary.
The worm, it came from somewhere in there.

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