The little things

I have favorite smells. I love the smell of fresh cut grass and the way the air smells right before or after it rains. I can't truly (or happily) wake up in the morning without the smell of coffee and then the taste of it in my mouth. Part of the reason I will never give up printed books is because I love the smell of the pages; I'm not entirely sure what that smell even is but I love it.  I love the way my hands smell after picking tomatoes from my garden and the slow aroma of onions browning. But one of the smells I love the most is elusive and incredibly difficult to find. That scent is red currant. I have to confess I don't really know what a red currant actually is in real life I just love smell in candle form. These things used to be everywhere, it was the "it" scent for a while and if I would have known it would go out of vouge I would have stocked up. Alas, I did not and so now I am on a never ending quest to find red currant scented things. Tonight on my walk home I stopped in to Ross under the guise of looking for bras but spent most of my time in housewares and shoes. Lo and behold they had Red Currant candles! I swooped them all up, balanced them in my arms and felt quite excited about my find (at only 1.99 a pop!) until I saw the line to check out... It was long and everyone had cart full of crap and seeing as I am not a patient person, I deposited my finds in with the bath things at the front of the store and began my walk home. It seemed like the best plan at the time but Now, hours later, I am sitting here wishing I had the smell of red currant in my life and that I would have dug deep into my reserves of patience and brought those little babies home with me.

Me on my walk home oblivious to the mistake I had made. 

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Sandra said...

Hi Jill!

Great post! I just came across a candle company that has scents very similar to Red Current! I know exactly what you mean about having that one "scent" that you love. There's something comforting about them!

This is the scent I found that smells great! And has a lot of similar qualities to Red Current..it's called Strawberry Rhubarb!


I follow them on twitter and facebook too!