Altered reality

Months ago I quit my Facebook but then I reactivated it for some reason that I can't actually remember right now. I don't check it very often but every time I do I'm reminded of the reason I quit in the first place.
Everyone on there seems to be competing for either the best or worst life ever. And I, for some reason, seem to believe all the best things - I compare facebook life to my own and it comes up short every time.  This then causes me to feel bad and depressed about my own regular, boring, and sometimes lonely life. In the running for worst life possible I feel like over exaggeration is the winner.
My regular life: the couch, a blanket, comedy on TV...and cats running around. 
I believe (although the message sometimes gets lost on the way to my heart) that over exaggeration is the star on Facebook and that nothing is really as bad -or good- as it may appear.


Denise said...

Jill, I feel that moving is so hard and getting established takes time. I think you rock girlfriend so tell facebook to stick it!! Also, I think to have the annoying comments on facebook all the time you do have to be on it constantly and then you waste your whole day doing nothing. :) love ya!

Jill said...

Thanks Denise!