The way I live

Sometimes I'm in the middle of doing something I know is weird or possibly even gross and I go with it anyhow. It's like I can't stop myself, I have no other choice, I'm condemned to live a life of weird/grossness.

One of the "weird" things I do is that I shove things between the back cushions on my couch. Items currently residing in my couch...skittles chap-stick, laser cat toy and a tv remote...pictured here:
I should be ashamed maybe?
Also my phone would be shoved in there but it was busy taking the picture of those other items. But, rest assured it's back in there now, tucked safely between the eggplant velvet cushions.

Now, let me confess one of the "gross" things I do. I can't help but lick my fingers when I'm eating. Even if I'm holding a napkin or there is one in my lap, if something gets on my little digits they go directly into my mouth. I don't want to miss out on a single morsel of tastiness. That's just not the way I live.

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