Yesterday was my birthday. I had a pretty laid back day, filled with awesome things. 
Awesome things that happened:
  • I got my new iphone! (of course this only happened because I first lost my ipod which was NOT awesome.)
  • I got a package in the mail from bestie Rachael filled with wonderful things like books, handmade earrings and crocheted wash-cloths.
  • I had a late lunch/early dinner with Kyle, Stefani and two of the cutest girls in existence Marcela and Katelyn.
  • After teaching I got picked up by sister Kareen with a surprise Gina in the car with her! 

These girls LOVE salsa.
 I love birthdays, I'm not sure why exactly but I do. And also I love my new iphone, be prepared for a lot more picture posting on this blog of mine. Like this one below...for some reason I now feel it's necessary to show you what happens to me every morning. I am obviously not quite awake yet and my little Emma would like for me to hurry up the process.
This is what it looks like to wake up at 33 and one day

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