Things I learned from my nieces

1. It doesn't matter how old you actually are, you can always act as "mom" to someone.
(even your 33 year old aunt)

2.  It doesn't matter if you fall down....
 Just so long as you get back up and keep going with panache!

 3.  Don't let the size of something keep you from getting on and giving it your all.

4.  Twirl, twirl all the time. And then when you're not twirling make sure you're striking a cute pose.

 5.  Remember to make wishes. 
 6.  Stop and smell the flowers. Who cares if they're roses? Just smell the flowers.

 7.  Read. Read all the time. By yourself, with friends or cousins or sisters or whatever, just read.

 And above all else, let life itself excite you.


Gina Dickman said...

I really like this! Why do we have the cutest nieces ever?

Kendall said...

this was THE CUTEST!!! little post!! ahh I love it! and I also love all those pictures! did you use an app for that? or how did you edit them!?