Little Black Raincloud

I can feel myself being pulled down the pissy drain, and yet there isn't a lot I can do about. Just knowing I'm acting like a maniac does not mean I have the power at this point to control or stop it. So, instead, when I hear my boyfriend chuckle because he thinks I'm being funny or cute I snap at him "What? What's so funny?" in a very not pleasant voice. Normally I would enjoy the fact that he thinks I'm adorable and funny...but right now I'm just pissed.
Other things that I've gotten pissy about include:
  • Going to the computer lab to print off one of my papers and discovering that the computer I just sat down at someone is already working on. Were there other computers open? Yes. Did that matter to my piss poor attitude? Absolutely not.
  • Getting to the building for class (which requires the use of an elevator) and having the people in the elevator see me, but not hold the doors for me. The list of names I called those little f*!*ers is not really appropriate for anyone to hear.
  • The woman in my class who laughed at what another girl said, especially since it made that girl cry. Stupid lady, you're dumb, and old. Being old does not make you right. AND, someday I could be that crying girl...because any time I try to speak in class I feel like I could cry any second. Reinforces my current behavior of not speaking.
  • Having to write a French composition in the same week that we had a French Exam. French is not my only class lady...please take that into consideration when writing your syllabus.

And, that's just all from today, thank god it's almost over.

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snack said...

I'm mentally conjuring a westward wind to blow your little black raincloud somewhere obscure like Boring, Oregon. Peace out, rain cloud!