I know I'm in the minority but....

I don't want pets. I just can't bring myself to care about them. I feel that over the years my character has probably been judged based on this fact. I can hear them now..."what kind of person doesn't like animals? Has she no heart? I bet she has a coat made out of dalmatian fur somewhere in that giant closet of hers.".....etc....
Still, I don't care. I can pretend to care...and once a in a while, if you catch me in the right mood, with the right dog or cat, I might ACTUALLY care for a minute. And then, inevitably I'll go back to the not caring.
It's indifference really. Probably the way those animal lovers feel when I start gushing on and on and on and on about my nieces and nephews, and perhaps even shove a picture of them in their faces. They don't really care, but they pretend to.

What I am not indifferent about however are strangers who allow their strange pets to get up on me. I have had a lot of these experiences over the years, and I always end up feeling like the bad guy cause I've just shoved some strangers dog out of my crotch. Again.."who shoves dogs? She must be a bitch. I hate her and her stupid blonde hair."
Yet, I feel like if I had a kid and allowed that kid to wipe their dirty chocolaty hands all over a strangers crotch area that would not be accepted. So how come I'm supposed to think it's cute when a stranger lets their strange dog (who might have just been licking it's own ass hole) do essentially the same thing?

I'm gonna just start looking at those people and saying..."I'm judging you based on your utter lack of consideration. Please get your dog off me in the next three seconds or you will be going to hell. I know people who can probably make that happen. Thank you."

Or, I could just get a shirt made with the following printed on it and put it on before going out in public. That could get the point across as well.

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