Jazzy Jill

Sometimes I like to dance, sometimes I love to dance, sometimes I'm really tired and would rather be sleeping, but... always I love teaching dance.
For a while now I've known that I also love Lady Gaga, she dresses crazy with a lot of sparkles and big hair. Her songs are fun and she has an actual good voice, not one that needs to be made good with machines and smoke screens. And then I started hearing and seeing interviews with her and it grew from mere loving to a sort of obsession.
So....Love Teaching + Love Gaga = Jazz dance spectacular:


leahcar said...

jazzy jill is one of my favorite of your personalities! she's awesome!


anewtkay said...

ooooh la la! you are a girl after my own heart. gaga and jill's jazz? nothing better, I say. loves and hope you are fantastic!