I got my shoes tied tight...I hope I don't get in a fight

Well, school started again. So far this quarter has really kicked my butt, then flipped over my twitching body and pummeled me in the stomach with an added bonus kick in the head. It's been awesome.
I'm not even finished with my second week yet, and I'm already about 100 pages behind on my reading. Which might not sound like a big deal, but it'll add up REALLY fast if I don't take control of it soon and stop letting it get the best of me.
Here is something new for me: I've spoken up in my Psychology of Women class multiple times already. The last time I said something I even managed to get through it without turning turnip red. I was so proud of myself. I guess maybe I finally realized that I might as well speak up, other people do and they usually sound like idiots. I might think too highly of myself but I'm like 99% sure I do not sound like an idiot when I speak up in class.

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gina bolina said...

haha. I loved this post so much i read it to my roomate! it is so true though..i wokred up the courage to speak in class and it was okay! better than when some lady in my human development class asked "what is the churches possition on masturbation" haha. classic