Sweet Valley High (this post has nothing to do with those books....seeing as I was not allowed to read them.)

I was not popular in high school. I don't regret this, I would've had to be a completely different person to be one of the popular kids, and I sort of am fond of the girl I was or at least who she turned out to be. So, no, I do not wish to go back and change my status in high school...but it doesn't mean that there wasn't a part of me in high school that longed to be popular and date the popular boys. I longed for it so hard. And a part of that has never gone away. I still wish to be one of the popular kids, and I still get my feelings hurt when someone I view as one of the cool kids ignores me or very clearly doesn't really like me or obviously does not think I am quite cool enough. Well, I'll tell you what...I am a big hit with my family, my friends, and my boyfriend. And I bet some of the people that come and take class from me think that I'm a cool kid.

If you're like me and sometimes wish to be one of the cool kids...guess what? You probably are. At least to me, and I think that counts.

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