I wait all year, and it's finally here!

Tomorrow I leave for Priest Lake for vacation with my family. I haven't packed yet, but that's no big surprise. I probably won't even start to pack until around 3 tomorrow, my train leaves at 4:45. But, I'm just packing for camping, how hard can it be? Sweats for the morning and night? Check. Swimsuits for all day? Check. Books? Check. Anything else is just bonus.

Every morning we get up and pull the chairs into the sunshine, we read facing the beautiful lake until it's warm enough to go out in said lake. The boys usually venture out sooner than the girls.

When it's warm enough for the girls we all grab floaty devices, paddle out to the buoys tie ourselves up and enjoy. Last year we started taking our books out there with us. We'd bundle them up in a plastic bag while we paddles out and then once we were situated, out came the books. We can stay out there for a long time when books are involved.

I love this vacation. I love the place, I love being with my family for a week, and I love that all we really have to do is...nothing. It always goes by way too fast.

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Denise said...

Hey Jillian! I found your blog and love it! My favorite is the being jealous of the socks/legs. I was jealous thinking man Jill has great legs, which I'm sure you do, but it made me feel better knowing they weren't yours. :) I found some red and white striped ones like those at Target last year. Just so you know. :) Hope you had fun on your trip with your fam!