Busy, sort of

Things I am doing today

Baking Cupcakes. Which really just included stirring everything together from a box and sticking them in the oven.

Watching Sex and the City. I'm getting ready for the movie release on Friday. I am getting dressed up with my girl friends, getting cosmos and then going to the movie. 

Doing my laundry. It's been a couple weeks so there are a few loads that either have to be done today or friday and since I have so much other stuff to do today I'm hoping I'll stay motivated to get it all done.

Later today I'm going to get drinks with my lovely friend Kimberly. And having slumber party at Evie's house. It's going to be a really great day.

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Kareen Bailey said...

Oh, I'm excited to hear how the movie goes! I'm hoping to remember enough from the DVDs to keep up. Lucky!
Thanks for calling today!