Don't Stop Believing

The back-story:: I have been going to dance camps for the past eighteen years (yikes!), some of those times as a camper, others as a coach, and many many more times as an instructor. I have been to hundreds of dance camps, seems like an exaggeration but...it is not and this past week at camp at the University of Puget Sound with Hanford High School I had hands-down best experience ever.

The set-up::Along with dancers and cheerleaders at this camp there was also a Mormon camp (Especially for Youth) going on at the same time. We all had the same meal times which was crowded and meant for long lines.

The story::Last night at dinner we were sitting down already with our food when EFY started coming in. Because the lines were so long some of those kids sat down at the piano in the main dining area and started playing. One boy in particular was really good,, he sat there for a while playing beautiful music, then he played something that he was singing to but no one else could hear what it was. When he finished playing that song I turned to the head coach and dancers and said If this were a musical everyone would’ve started singing along and everyone would’ve gotten up and danced. I wish my life were a musical. Approximately 5 seconds later I hear the opening notes to Don’t stop believing.... and do you know what happened?

Thats right. Everyone- cheerleaders, dancers, EFY kids, coaches, everyone all across the dining room started singing along and clapping. There wasnt any dancing (probably because there wasnt room and unlike musicals real people don’t dance on tables) but the spontaneous singing was enough for me. That moment will be one of my favorite moments in life.


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I love being around when magic happens!