Life has been good

I've had a lot of goodness in my life. One would think that I would feel like writing about it...but, one would be wrong. So instead of feeling bogged down in the amount of awesomeness I haven't written about I will share some photos that highlight the past couple months.

Me and my roses
Carmina Burana was Amazing! Not only did I have a blast performing my 58second solo but I was so proud of the routines I created and the dancers who worked their booties off to make it happen. So, so very proud. I got roses on stage at the end of the show and it made me so very happy and only a little uncomfortable....because really? how are you supposed to act when receiving roses on stage?

Chloe and me - bonding times
 Days after Carmina my newest niece Chloe Nicole was born. She is beautiful and sweet and I love holding her and smelling her darling newborn smell. I also got to help with her newborn photoshoot. I'm a little afraid that I was slightly pushy in the staging/costuming of it but hey...I wanted her to wear pearls.

Bride and Groom  
My brother Ken got married to the gorgeous Emily. I love them together and they had a beautiful day of wedding day activities. I spent most of their reception playing with and taking care of the hilarious and adorable Katelyn.

These two came from S. Carolina (with parents: brother Brad and sis-in-law Holly) and now have a large section of photos on phone dedicated to their faces. 

Next up in life situations came a trip to Boise to visit Seth. College boyfriend/long time friend. I'd been in contact with him on and off over the years but not for the past four or five years...I reached out to him after the new year and...well, long story short: he flew me there to visit him. I was so much fun. We ate delicious foods, watched "Hunger Games", hung out by the pool, did some kissing, and had an all around amazing time.
Boise Pool Times
In other Seth news: I think I really like him and I'm pretty sure he likes me too since he's looking for a job close to me. 

This week I did a little dance clinic for my niece Abby and some of her friends. She helped me pick the song (One Direction "what makes you beautiful), helped me come up with matching clothes for the performance and made me so proud and happy to be her aunt. When I went down today to start class they'd written this on the white board:

It freaking warmed my heart! We practiced and learned and got ready for the "performents". By the time their mom's arrived they were ready and excited to show their stuff. They were so good, it made me so happy my cheek muscles were sore afterwards.

Kneeling from left to right: Jorja and Claire
Standing from left to right: Jillian, ABBY, Hope