Nerd Love

I was talking to my mom the other day about my move and how all my things were going to fit into my new "little house". My mom said she thought that one whole room was going to have to be dedicated to my clothes and that she wasn't sure how all my books were going to fit. I said that I'd been thinking that same thing myself, trying to imagine all my things in there and how I'm going to arrange everything. My mom then suggested that I could maybe just box some of my books and keep them in the garage for a while.
I think I paused for a little and then said "well, I could box up my out of season clothes and put those in the garage until I need them."
My mom laughed and said "I forgot who I was talking to."
I think most girls would choose to box up books, or get rid of them all together...but I am a special brand of girl, the nerd kind and I love my books more than I love my clothes.

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