And if you would've come and watched the show on Sunday, that's exactly what I was...Unseen. Haha. I chose to only be in one of the pieces cause I knew that I would not have time to really learn and feel good about doing any more than that. However, I still get to say that I am a part of this group. They are amazing and so much fun to be around. We laugh a lot, and still look good when we're dancing. 
Anyhow, we decided that we'll be the new Danity Kane (never mind that we don't sing) and we divided up who got to be who. Well since Steph and I are the two blondes one of us should've been Shannon but...instead we decided it was more appropriate if we split Aubrey in two and were each her. She's a hot mess, and so are we sometimes.


gina bolina said...

GIRL!! you look hot!!!!

gina bolina said...

btw..your the best looking one there.